Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hey fellow Sketchables...are you having a hard time of thinking of what to post? Are you looking at your current sketches and thinking man I wish I had some direction to go with them? Maybe a theme or an idea to start you off. I was thinking today what if we were to have a themed sketch/illustration a week....along with our other sketches....does this sound good to you? If so let me know..because I was thinking of how everyone would interpete a food icon ie The Green Giant, Mr. Peanut, Charlie Tuna, Twinke the Kid, Mr. Kool-Aid or the Pilsbery Dough Boy or somthing along thoughs lines...what cha all think...or should I start another Blog for this? Let me here yo shouts.


Drawing at the laundromat

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My second post

Well there was annory one to this post but the colors didn't come out right so I toke in off I tried saving it as a different file name but it still didn't work ooo well. you will jst have to live with just this one.

My first post

I hope this work it was really annorying trying to post something on here josh had to help me

How to post THE END

Ahh click on that "View Blog" tab at the top and look at your uploaded images on SKETCHABLES

Now sit back and pat yourself on the back drink some tea and do a happy repeat and put up more work.

How to post part 2

Now the funky text you see inbewtween the arrows is your image...DO NOT DELETE THIS OR CHANGE IT...if you do it will not post correctly...I tend to type about 2 lines below this to prevent messing with my image. Once done with this click "PUBLISH POST"

Now you are publishing your post...WOOOO way to go...almost there. Just a few more steps and were done.

Ok now its 100% done now Click on the button labled "REPUBLISH ENTIRE BLOG"...and wait

Aaah now were pretty much on the tab at the top (just below the title {SKETCHABLES}) to view your finished work.

HOW TO POST part 1

To add an image to a post click on the little image next to the ABC spell check

This will bring you a new window where you have many choices. For now let's only worry about the "Choose File" button...Click this and we move on.

A new window pops down and here is where you choose your file/image you wish to upload to the blog. Remember the larger the image the longer it will take....try to keep your images about the size of your screen or smaller. This is a good rule to go buy because since we intend to upload a TON of images it may get really slow to load all of them...;)

Once you have found the "Chosen File" click Choose.

Now your image is Loading up to the blog...but were not over yet

Some sketch book stuff

Did this awhile ago in my sketchbook I left back in MINNESOTA! many good things in it...I miss it so...sniff sniff.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sketch O RAMA!

Some random sketches from the books of sketch.


Well I did this one fancy schmancy illustration about 3 months ago but I still like it and wanted to share it all with ya'll. I can't wait to start illustrating again...oooh how I miss it. Soon soooon I'll be in my new room and all settled in and ready to illustrate!

Oh there is a mild joke in the illustration. It's what the kids are doing, they are signing in ASL (American Sign Language) So far I believe, if my sources were correct, that the girl is signing the sign Art and the boy is signing the sign for Store. Well Enjoy. I will be sketching some more stuff tomorrow and posting. Later all.

Work Ethics

So heres some stuff I've been doing at work.

This here is some designs for Epauletts. They go on the shoulders, it goes along with The Salvation Army's "Army" Thought. These ones are for the band in Florida so I tried being clever with Florida and the Treble Clef.

Again with The Salvations Army's "Army" thought, each individual church is called a "Corps" and the music department is going to try and visit 100 corps. So they wanted this kinda fundraiser thermometer which I cleverly turned into a music note. (actually it was my sister Sandy's idea, shes the smart one in the family)

We had a lunchon today and they needed a placemat, so I made these snowflakes for it.

Just an informative poster I did, I wanted to do something else but this is what they wanted. Nothing to fancy.

So to celebrate the 5th of November me and a co-worker made our own Guy Fawkes masks! My headband is made out of a toco bell bag! We actually celebrated it on the 6th of November and proceded to burn the masks at a later date with a lighter in the parking lot.

Monday, November 27, 2006


The two figures are from the session mentioned by jeremy. The floating head came from a free moment a couple weeks ago. Cool to see stuff from everyone! Keep drawing!!!!

worn-out faces

I was just sitting around and listening to Gary Jules' rendition of "Mad World" and among the very first lines are the words "worn-out places, worn-out faces... going nowhere, going nowhere."

I sat with the song on repeat, pondering a meaning to it and trying to connect an image (any image!) to it in my head. I tried to approach it unstylized, pretending there was a model in front of me I was actually drawing from. I don't suppose that I was entirely successful in that approach, but I'd say it was a good experience.


St Pete Figure Session

So Duncan and I went to a figure session a few saturdays ago and got some drawings in. It felt good to be drawing from a model again! So heres a few gestures from that!

Church Drawings WOOOO!

Ok so here's the story behind this sketch. I haven't been to church in awhile but I been wanting to go back. I found this church through a coworker, thanks Beth, and went. It was a really cool chruch and the people there were really nice and I plan on going back this Sunday, woo go me. While at the pastor was preaching I was doing my usual doodling and note taking. I saw this baby on his fathers shoulder just staring off into the back, they were like 4 rows in front of me so I decided to sketch them. Awhile later this lady next to me says that's a nice drawing you did there, so I said thanks, then she says "That's my Grandson!" I felt like giving her the drawing but didn't because it would have been too much trouble to tear out a page of my Moleskin. Maybe I'll get a freelance job out of it later can hope :D


This crazy cat walked in a bar my roomies and I were chillin at. Seriously the dude looked like a reject from Malibu's Most Wanted. I am glad because he was a pure pleasure to draw. Enjoy.

Mr. Captin Eyebrows

I saw this pic awhile back and had to draw this dude...He had eyebrows that really looked like his sideburns. Simply AMAZING!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Welcome to the Sketchables! Where you can post pretty much anything from random sketches done at your local cafe, sketches of projects your working on, or even finished works. Pretty much a tool to see what everyone's doing in our post Ringling days, but can also be used for crits and ideas for your works of amazingness!

As of the moment I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing so be patient with me, and if you know anyone else who would just die to be apart of such an amazing blog then just email me.

Your friendly neighborhood Schramm-Man!