Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whistle While You WORK!

So heres a camp map I've been working on. I didn't make the Keystone logo, just the map. And I still have very limited knowledge of Ilustrator so its very basic.

Tomorrow I'll be posting an old-fashion radio that I did at work today

I think I am done with this one

Praise the dark lord or be turn in to a frog

I bet you all can guess which house I am in. I haven't colored it yet I think I well one day but here it the sketch for the theme of the week.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lili of Gryffindor House

Well, as I'm sure most of you guys know, our good friend Lili, after seeing what I did for my Hogwarts portrait, wanted me to do a portrait of her as well. So here she is! Too bad she's in Gryffindor, she'd be soundly welcomed to the Beautiful People Club a.k.a. Ravenclaw. ;)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jason of Ravenclaw House

I'm so good, I was casting spells without incantations midway through third year.

Oh yeah. That's N.E.W.T. level, baby.

Also, the wand? Ivory.

EDIT: Since everyone kept mentioning it, I put in a little spell effect. Not sure what I'd be casting exactly, but probably a charm of some sort. Charms, potions and runes would be muh thing, I imagine.

Space Boy!!! PAINTED!

Well here ya go....A finished peice!! I actually had a blast painting this, since at work I don't really get to do finished work this was a bit of a challenge but I really enjoyed it and plan on doing another later on..maybe tomorrow I'll finish the cowboy kid.
Only Time will tell

Saturday, February 24, 2007

sketches, very uncharacteristic of duncan.

my post

This is how I am thinking about doing the finishes for the childerns book what do you guys think. Most of the pages have been approved by the lady expect for two which I am redoing.

The Deed is Done!

Fine, is everyone happy now... I switched it :P

well now that its been switched you all have no excuses not to post.... so POST! As for me, I will hopefully be posting Monday. Sorry for my lack of posting.

Space Boy!!!

Well this was going to be a painting for Illustration Friday but I got a bit busy with other projects...oh well I'll let everyone here enjoy the sketch. I may yet paint this one later on this weekend....cross your fingers.


struck by inspiration

And it hurt. Like, a lot. So anyways, I was supermotivated to do some drawing late at night this week, so I cranked out a few self-portraits. I'm not self-absorbed, honest.

Also, I promise I'll be going through the blog tomorrow and commenting on stuff, so please people, do the same. Don't make me call each and every one of you, because I will. I will.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Different is as Different does

Well here is somthing different than my usuall cute fun stuff. I had an awesome time making it and plan on doing a series of skull paintings in the near future. What you guys think eh?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Work in Progress

Well here is the progress for the sketch I posted earlier. I would have finished it today...but wanted to step back for awhile and hit it again tomorrow with a fresh start.


Will I desided to draw some sticker Ideas and this is want I have to far this are beach themed one. I going to do others them. what do you guy think.

Friday, February 16, 2007

it's been a while

Well there is no real story behind this sketc other than it was fun and I enjoyed drawing this. Im hoping that I'll actually paint this...we'll see how busy the weekend is, maybe I'll post a finish by Sunday....cross your fingers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well I know I haven't posted in a while But I been busy. Jason I told you I post something sometime this week. Well I couldn't reamember which pages i have already posted and which ones I posted but fixed up some so I just reposted everything. Expect for one page because it just wont down load which I can't figure out why yet so you have all the page expect for one because that you didn't post.

and more



Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Just some random thing. it started off as an Icarus type of idea, then the wings morphed into a cape with fun shoulder dealies.

I wanted a new blogger pic, so I drew a self portrait pretty quick. I'm growing sideburns now, they are much more pitiful in real life.

These last three images are icon ideas I have for Jeremy's website. Feedback is welcome from everyone, but the person I really need to hear from is, of course, Jeremy. What do you think man? Headed in the right direction? Any of these appeal? I know a lot of them aren't finished, I was just batting around ideas and some didn't make it all the way.

You'll notice a lot of these are asymmetrical, at least as they are. It would be my intention to just copy>paste>reflect the vector stuff, so there's not much point in trying to get it symmetrical in the drawing stage. I should ask though, is the asymmetry appealing at all?

The one on the left in this image is my favorite. Started to go with a more organic, vine/leaf type of idea with the one on the right.

Work in progress - Elvis edition

Just wanted to post something. So heres what I'm working on now. Hopefully I can finish this tonight. Hands need alot of help, and all my portraits have a "burn victim" phase where they look like they've been consumed by flames. So I'm working through that right now.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Heres more stuff from work. These are posters for an upcoming youth conference. They want to go with the whole iPod look... exactly. And it turns out that I won't be doing the t-shirt for this conference, they actually sent me the images, so I told them I wasn't going to use them for the poster, that I'd make something better. Umm, I'm not sure if they want the actual iPod in there, so I just blocked it in, so yes there are some pointy spots... I know.